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Hot Tub Covers and Spa Covers

Hot tub covers and Spa covers.Custom made with the highest quality materialsInsulation keeps a place warm or cold. In hot tubs and spas, insulation is important.  Not only it improves energy efficiency, it also helps cut- down energy bills while you savor the therapeutic benefits of your hot tubs.

A quality hot tub cover can help achieve a high reduction in heating costs when used as opposed to leaving the water surface exposed. There are different types of hot tub and spa covers: aluminum cover, tonneau and those covers that are better for insulation: foam, tapered and more.

Aluminum covers like Bee-lite covers are known for their strength and lightness and their ability to absorb kinetic energy. They also do not rust. Rolling or tonneau covers are either soft or hard cover. Hard tonneau cover uses a hinging or folding mechanism to open: usually used to cover cargoes.  Soft tonneau is opened by rolling up. Take note that the most coveted hot tub and spa covers are those that are better for insulation as they are found to be lighter on internal parts and energy efficiency like The Cover Guy hot tub covers.

taperedA good example of a hot tub cover that is better for insulation is a tapered hot tub cover. It usually features closed foam core insulation which is great for all seasons. The standard foam cover is also perfect as it exceeds the ATSM standards for strength and safety.  More information about Hot Tub Covers here!

Hot Tub and Spa Chemicals

Hot tub and Spa Chemicals are used to keep hot tub water clean and well maintained. Here, you will learn the different chemicals that you must have, and how they are use:

Hot Tub and Spa Accessories

Hot tubs, just like any other appliances, need accessories to add more value, color, style and most specially for their practical function.

There are a lot of hot tub and spa accessories on the market today. Choosing what’s best for you can be confusing at times. Here, you will know what accessories best complement your hot tubs.

Hot Tub Cover Lifters

hydraulic cover lifter that is gentle on your hot tub coversHot tub cover lifters are one of the many hot tub accessories hot tub owners should have. Not only do they add value to your hot tubs and spas, they also help make your life easier.

With a lot of cover lifter styles on the market: gas shock lifter, power assist and the hydraulic lifter, choosing the best can give you a headache. Which cover lifter to use? That depends on the space availability of where the cover will rest its open position.

Cover lifters usually require a minimum of 24 inches. This is to allow for arc and space to rest the thickness of the cover. Some styles are made for areas that are low. However, these styles cost more.

As a proud owner of hot tub cover lifter, it won’t take long for you to see their benefits.high quality replacement filter cartridges, spa filter cartridges, hot tub filter cartridges

Hot Tub and Spa Filters

One essential part of hot tubs is hot tub filters. They help remove water impurities, clean out dirt, oil, leaves, hair, and other debris. Usually, hot tub and spa filters are replaced once a year or when wear and tear is obviously spotted.

There is a lot to learn about hot tub filters if you want to maintain the peak effectiveness of your hot tub.

Fragrances (Aromatherapy)

Best selling Hot tub and Spa fragranceThe body’s thermal receptors are activated when the right essential oils and aromatic plant compounds that are specifically made for hot tubs and spas are used. As these receptors respond to the aromatherapy, fungi and microbes are easily destroyed.

Do you need a fragrance for your spa? Buy wisely. Remember, the right spa fragrance can improve your overall health. The wrong ones give you bad smells and nightmares.

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