Is 104 Degrees Fahrenheit the Ideal Hot Tub Temperature?

The Therapeutic Benefits of Hot Tubs

The heat in hot tubs can have a significant role in your health. To experience physiotherapy and relaxation you have to set the ideal heat temperature for your body. Take note, the therapeutic benefits of hot tubs start with the right heat temperature.

What exactly is the Best Heat Temperature?

Hot tub manufacturers have installed limit switches in their hot tubs. They have set 104 degrees Fahrenheit as the ideal hot tub heat temperature. The heat temperature they set as limit in their hot tub products does not mean they already have pre-installed the best hot tub heat temperature for you. When it comes to ideal heat temperature, different people have differing views. What’s best for you may not be good enough for others.

Suggested 104 Degrees Fahrenheit Ideal Heat Temperature is Not Ideal At All

The suggested hot tub temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit is not at all ideal for all users. Children are not advice to dip in a hot tub with a heat temperature up to this standard temperature. Their bodies are not well made for this.

Some adults are not also well suited to the standard heat temperature. Seniors and adults with heart conditions, and those with high blood pressure are not advice to relax in a hot tub where heat temperature is set to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. People with health problems are advice to seek their doctor’s confirmation of what temperature is best for them.

Ideal for Other Users

For other hot tub users, just relax and enjoy your hot tub. The recommended 102 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for you. This temperature is enough to get the therapeutic benefits of hot tub.

What if the limit switch malfunctioned, or becomes defective?

There are times when thermostats and high limit switches don’t work properly. Your safety net is to have a thermometer ready before you dip into your hot tub.

Remember that hot tub temperature that exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous to your health and a risk to your life. Do not in any way tamper the limit switches in your hot tub. They were put there for a reason and that is for your own safety.

Whatever water temperature makes you feel comfortable, go for it. Nothing is more appropriate than to regularly check your hot tub’s performance. You’ll never know when something appropriate is accidentally becomes inappropriate.

The Importance of Hot Tub Covers

One of the key players in making the most out of your hot tub is your hot tub cover. A well maintained hot tub cover or spa cover can keep the heat in while you are busy attending to other things. Take good care of them if you want to slash your utility bills.

There is no other soothing moment than to come home and relax in your hot tub after a strenuous work day. So, get the most out of your hot tub without putting your life, your family, your friends and other lives at risk.


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